Collection: TikTok BUDSONLY

Hi! 🌹

Welcome to the PortHole 😉 If you haven't figured that part out - TikTok is picky about us saying "website" or "link". 

We are so grateful to have you! Of course we appreciate your subscription - but really you have to know how much you mean to us. Our little Rosebud TikTok family is growing and we are having so much fun. Hopefully you are too! 🤗

BUDSONLY Discount Info: 

On Fridays we offer 40% off MOST of our items on TikTok and our website. 

You'll want to check our TikTok LIVE from 🕐 2-3 PST for the current code.

We have to exclude a few items for different reasons: Our partners (Soil, Merch, etc) due to the pricing arrangements we have with them. Small items like keychains & magnets as these are already priced at the lowest point possible - 40% off would break the bank on these items. 

Happy FriYay and HAPPY SHOPPING ♥️