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The End of Overwatering

Are you tired of constantly worrying about overwatering your potted plants? Do you struggle to keep them healthy despite your best efforts? We understand the frustration that comes with caring for potted plants, which is why we are excited to introduce our newest improvement: SpiraFlow Mesh Drainage.

After several years of working with friends and customers to make happy plant parents - We heard so many stories that ultimately led to overwatering. It’s a common mistake that we like to call “over loving” your plant. It’s true! Green babies bring so much joy just sitting there all cute and stuff. It’s tempting to want to give back more than they care for. 

Good drainage is essential for the health of potted plants. Without proper drainage, water can accumulate at the bottom of the pot, leading to root rot and other fungal diseases. This can be particularly problematic for indoor plants, where stagnant water can attract insects and cause unpleasant odors. Outdoor plants are not immune either, as excess water can freeze in colder climates, causing the soil to expand and crack the pot.

Traditional drainage holes in planters can sometimes be insufficient, allowing water to pool in the bottom of the pot. SpiraFlow Mesh Drainage solves this problem by incorporating a unique mesh design that promotes water flow throughout the soil. The spiraling mesh allows water to pass through the soil and out of the pot, while also providing ample aeration to the roots.

You will now find this new improvement of SpyraFlow across our entire lineup and planters. 

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