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Climbing Houseplant Stem Support, Plant Stakes, Plant Accessories for Philodendron, Alocasia, Monstera and More, 6 Pack in Multi Sizes

Climbing Houseplant Stem Support, Plant Stakes, Plant Accessories for Philodendron, Alocasia, Monstera and More, 6 Pack in Multi Sizes

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Introducing our innovative 3D Printed Stem Support Holder Set, designed specifically for climbing plants. This unique set includes six holders in various sizes: one large, one medium, two small, and two mini, catering to a wide range of plant sizes and types. Each piece is meticulously crafted using high-quality 3D printing technology, ensuring durability, and precision in design.

Dimensions: Each size has 6 appropriately sized hooks NOTE: the 4 pack will include ONE of each.
1x Large : 6.5 inches from edge to edge
1x Medium : 5.5 inches from edge to edge
2x Small : 3.5 inches from edge to edge
2x Mini : 2.5 inches edge to edge

Key Features:

Diverse Size Range: With one large, one medium, two small, and two mini holders, this set is perfect for supporting climbing plants at various stages of growth. This diversity allows for a more tailored approach to plant support, promoting healthier growth and development.
3D Printed Durability: Each holder is 3D printed using robust materials that withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability. The precision of 3D printing guarantees a consistent quality in every piece.
Easy Installation: Designed for convenience, these holders can be easily installed around your climbing plants. Their intuitive design ensures a secure fit, providing optimal support with minimal effort.
Eco-Friendly Material: Made with eco-conscious materials, these holders are not only durable but also environmentally friendly. They are an excellent choice for gardeners who are mindful of their ecological impact.
Aesthetic Appeal: The sleek and modern design of these holders adds a touch of sophistication to any garden or indoor plant setup. Their appearance complements the natural beauty of the plants, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Improved Plant Health: By providing stable support, these holders encourage healthier growth in climbing plants. They help maintain proper air circulation and exposure to sunlight, essential for the plant's well-being.
Space Efficiency: Especially useful for urban gardeners or those with limited space, these holders maximize vertical growing space, allowing for more plants in a smaller area.
Versatility: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these holders adapt to various environments, making them a versatile tool for any plant enthusiast.
Protection Against Damage: The sturdy support minimizes the risk of stem damage, especially in adverse weather conditions, ensuring your plants stay safe and secure.


Our planters are 3D printed with PLA - a type of thermoplastic polymer derived from Upcycled materials like Corn, Beets, and Wheat Grass. PLA is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and compostable!

PLA Is very strong and sturdy. Sudden bumps or falls will not harm these planters as they are designe to withstand unexpected life happenings.


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Customer Reviews

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Mary Jo Williams
Plant support

They are very durable and work very well. I highly recommend

Joanna Belvin
Good product

This is a very innovative product. Helps my plants stay upright well. Recommend