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DIY ChrisMoss Tree Kit

DIY ChrisMoss Tree Kit

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Create a little piece of holiday magic with this ChristMoss Tree DIY Kit. 

Kit includes:

- 7" tall x 5" base - eco friendly tree

- Pre-portioned dried reindeer moss. 

All that's needed is either hot glue or other craft glue to adhere the moss to the tree structure. Using fingers take portions of moss and press onto sides of tree. Continue on until you have the desired look. Take your time getting crafty or finish in less than 10 minutes if you choose.

We recommend covering the work area and using gloves. The reindeer moss has been preserved and dyed with a food grade color. 

Moss is completely natural and pet safe. It's actually helping a little to clean toxins from indoor air.

The preserved moss requires no care to continue looking great for seasons to come. 

Purchase several kits for an even better price. 

Watch the video for a short tutorial example. 


Our planters are 3D printed with PLA - a type of thermoplastic polymer derived from Upcycled materials like Corn, Beets, and Wheat Grass. PLA is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and compostable!

PLA Is very strong and sturdy. Sudden bumps or falls will not harm these planters as they are designe to withstand unexpected life happenings.


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