Add a Cutting of the lovely Marble Queen Pothos to complete the look of your propagation station. 

Your new cutting will come ready to thrive in only water. Simply keep the water to the middle of the tube where the plant cutting will develop roots. You can keep your new little plant baby in the tube as long as you like. It will grow a little slower than a soil grown plant. It's a simpler and fun way to grow a micro plant. If you choose to - you may transfer your cutting to soil when the baby develops roots. 

Visit us in person to pick up your cutting of choice. 

We are traveling around in the Rosebud Mobile Boutique about 4 times a week. If you are in the neighborhood you should come visit us! We love to see our customers in person. Check our Instagram link to find posts each week of our current traveling schedule. We bring around 95 live plant cuttings with us to shop from our living plant wall.